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about the wssndl


The Winston-Salem Sunday Night Dart League was founded in 1987 and has been going strong ever since. The League has seen many changes over the years but the primary aim has been and continues to be simple. Fun. Have it. While throwing darts. On Sunday nights.


The League plays matches on Sunday nights--strangely enough--at bars around Winston-Salem . . . go figure. The WSSNDL is completely open to new teams and new players of all skill levels and experience. The number of teams in any given season fluctuates, but we currently have 13 teams divided into two divisions. The Winston Division is the "upper" division and the Salem Division is the "lower" division, but a vast range of skill can be found in both. Much like the world's top soccer leagues, the WSSNDL has regular movement between divisions, via promotion and relegation, in an attempt to keep some level of parity throughout the League. The winner of the Salem Division Regular Season usually moves up to the Winston Division for the following season. Meanwhile, the last place finisher in the Winston Division Regular Season usually moves down to the Salem Division for the following season.

The WSSNDL also regularly supports a number of charities throughout the year, funded by season dues. Check out our Charitable Giving page for a list of the charities we have supported.


If you are interested in joining the fun, click below on the GOT A QUESTION? button and we'll help you start participating in what most of us find to be a rather addictive pastime.

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